Linda M Hughes attempting to throw the MacKenzie Caber In ABQ,NMHi, Linda M Hughes here.

I love anything that is physically challenging. I am constantly amazed by the human body and what it is capable of – what an incredible machine we get to live in.

I also love helping others to learn how to get the most out of their own bodies. This includes everything from walking, to running, to dancing, to martial arts, to weightlifting, to throwing athletics!

I don't want to just teach your muscles the steps, I want to teach your heart how to love the steps so you can make them your own.

Linda M Hughes completing the wire crawl at Spartan Race, 201 in Ft. Carson, ColoradoThis is my specialty and what I want to share with you in my online/offline classes.

As part of you signing up, we ask that you complete the "Waiver, Health Assessment, Goal" form. This will help me learn about you more quickly, so that we can start individualizing your training from day 1.

Linda M Hughes bellydancerThen, it will be a great discovery! The discovery of how to waken your body to its greatness as it pertains to the many Adventures or fitness workouts currently in progress.

I will help you learn adventure steps, movement patterns and techniques & show you how to strengthen your primary and stabilizer muscles, tendons and ligaments so that you can get the maximum out of each workout and adventure.Linda M Hughes in wire crawl at Spartan Race, 2013 in Ft. Carson, Colorado

I will also call in other experts to help me help you even more.

Your ultimate success will depend on your commitment to learning, practicing and preparing. That is easier to do if it is easy and fun. That's why we have the 2 weekly online classes!  Attending your online classes will help you hold yourself accountable to your goals, because we know that it will be easy to do, but, even easier not to do.

Review the Class Schedule to select your instruction time, get signed up, complete your Class Schedule form, and let's get started!

Linda M Hughes,after testing for 3rd degree brown belt kempo karateLinda Throwing Headshot 2018Just The Stat’s for Linda:

Contact Info:
Phone: 720-300-5999, text 1st please

2019 Sportswomen of Colorado Empowerment Award Winner
Sword Art Performer/Teacher since 2016
Scottish Highland Games Coach: since 2016
*providing private and group training to new & current athletes
Scottish Highland Games Competitor: 2014-present
Powerlifter since 2013
Certified Personal Trainer: since 2013
Choreographer & Dance Teacher since 1990
Professional Bellydancer 1996-1979

Completed For Now:
USATF competitor 2015 - 2014
*Qualified in 2 states for 2015 National Senior Olympics in July 2015 - took 4th place in hammer
Obstacle Racer from 2014 -2013
Kempo Karate 2006-1999
*Achieved 3rd degree brown belt, competed/won many sparring competitions

Just The Stat’s For Your Exercise Adventures(YEA):
Business Entity: Linda M Hughes, LLC formed in 2015

YEA Also Conducts Clinics For Scottish Highland Games, Celtic Bellydancing & Sword Art At:
New Mexico Celtic Renaissance Festival-Albuquerque, NM - *2021
Grand Valley Celtic Festival – Grand Junction, CO - *2021, 2019
Colorado Medieval Festival-Loveland, CO - *2021, 2019, 2018
Cheyenne Celtic Bison Scottish Highland Games - *2020, 2018
Pikes Peak Celtic Festival-Colorado Springs, CO - *2021, 2019
Elizabeth Celtic Festival-Elizabeth, CO - *2021, 2019,2018
Edgewood Celtic Festival-Edgewood, NM - *2021, 2019
*Covid19 has postponed all 2020 scheduled games but Cheyenne until 2021

Certificates of liability of insurance are available upon request