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YEA Dancers Performed In Cheesman Park June 2019
What Will You Learn?

This adventure introduces you to Celtic Bellydancing, which is a combination of American G-rated Bellydancing, Irish and Scottish Step Dancing and Shuffle Dancing. It is our goal to respectfully combine elements of each into choreographies set to all kinds of wild, exotic, exciting and inspirational music.

Because you are amazingly unique, we want you to try on each choreography, add your own internal bling, and then own it as your masterpiece. If you fall in love with one dance form in particular, we will gladly connect you with Master Instructors of each of these for further study. 

Along the way, you will happily become immersed in other dance, music and costume artists, stories and the different cultures represented.  Try it, you will like it!

Kim Van Wagner Performing At Cheesman ParkWhen you sign up for this adventure, you will be learning individual steps that include:

  • head circles, slides, figure 8's and tosses
  • sinuous shoulder and arm movements that include Hindu snake arms, Egyptian arms, shimmies, barrel arms and more
  • expressive talking hands that include artistic claps, finger fans, wrist rolls and hand waves and more
  • fascinating rib cage movements that include undulations, horizontal and vertical circles, slides, pops, shimmies and locks,
  • undulating torso moves and variations
  • exotic hip movements that include undulations, horizontal and vertical circles, slides, figure eights, mayas, pops, shimmies and locks
  • footwork to include spins, traveling steps and kicks, flings, running man and variations, shuffle dance steps and variations.


We will also be working with:
Linda M Hughes Performing Circular Veil Dance In Cheesman ParkKim Van Wagner Performing A Double Circular Veil Dance In Cheesman Park

  • finger cymbals
  • single and double circular veils
  • single and double rectangular veils
  • Isis wings
  • canes
  • and dance swords

And we will combine all of these things into choreographies that were created as solo dances or can be danced with other students in a group.

Dance for yourself, for your family, or join us as we dance in local events and festivals.
1st Birth Of The Butterflies Performance 60218

Celtic Bellydancing costumeCeltic Bellydancing Adventure offers 2 types of clinics:

Expert Clinics:

These clinics will be offered to anyone interested in the subject, with a discounted rate for our students.  The subjects will include, but, not be limited to:

  • stage makeup
  • picking the most complimentary costume style for you and get the most out of your accessories
  • making your own costume
  • stage presence and entertaining your audience, no matter if you plan on performing publicly or not
  • and many more.


Spectator Clinics At Festivals:

We also have had tremendous fun introducing attendees of Celtic festivals to Celtic Bellydancing in what we call the "Spectator Clinic". We teach them a very short, fun, colorful choreography.We provide hip scarves and Isis Wings to each attendee and teach them the steps of the choreography.  Then we perform this number and allow time for their family members and/or friends to videotape it as a souvenir.  These clinics are especially geared to teens and adults.We will provide coupons to all participating Spectators to enroll in our online training if they want to continue learning.

If you are an organization wanting to bring our clinics into your event, please contact us.

YEA Dancers Share The Butterfly Dance With Children At Colorado Medieval Festival 2018

YEA Dancers Share The Butterfly Dance With Children At Colorado Medieval Festival 2018

Celtic Bellydancing View On TabletClass Time: Due to Covid-19, Celtic Bellydancing is no longer offered at High Road Gym as stated in the video above.  We are now exclusively online.  After we have learned a choreography, we may get together as a group to videotape each other performing it.  We will use Covid safe best practices in any group setting.  When Covid-19 ends, those who are interested, will be brought into the YEA Dancers, to perform at the local festivals.

Celtic Bellydancing classes at scheduled for 12:30-1:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday.  In the new Covid world, it is hard to know when to schedule classes for people.  If you are a remote worker, we are hoping you will need to get up and stretch and do something fun at mid-day.  If your work place is outside your home, we are hoping you can slip away to an empty room, break room or outside to get a few minutes of fun for yourself.  Give it a try, you will like it!

The following will be what to expect with these 2 classes:

As I teach you, I will use the terminology, names of steps as I learned them from my teachers. We will concentrate on learning a "phrase" of individual steps. Each step will be broken down, and you will learn what your total body needs to do when performing that one step.

We will put the phrase to the music that it belongs to, and as you learn more phrases, we will combine them in this class.

I want you to learn the basics of the choreography first. And when you do, I will help you learn how to personalize it to fit you. It is a LOT of fun.

Example Of Practice AreaLocation:

Tuesday And Thursday Classes:
These classes require a 10'x10'space and the steps and phrases can be learned inside or outside. Many dancers practice in their basements, bedrooms, back yards, patios, decks or driveways, work gyms, break rooms, empty areas around their work place.

You will be taking full responsibility for securing/taking caro of this location, your conduct and the safety of others dancing at this location.

Technology Required For YEA ClassesTechnology:
Internet connection is required. This is not supplied to dancers by YEA.

Currently, all YEA Dancers take the classes through their smartphones, tablets or through laptops. Plan on having a secure method to support your device - tripod, tabletop, etc.- to allow you to step away to try the movements being taught.

Please pick a location and device support method that allows me to see your entire body in the camera view. I need to be able to see you from head to toe and finger to finger.

At the present time we are using the 3rd party video conferencing software:
You will be able to sign up for a free account with them and then log right into the webcam of your class.

Other things to consider having available for these sessions:

  • charger & power chord
  • way to play the music required on Thursday
  • water
  • snacks

What You WIll Need For Your First Class:
The first choreography that will be taught in the fall of 2020 will be a drum solo.
The only requirement will be:
Only requirement for Celtic Bellydancing Drum Solo Choreography Is A Hip Scarf

  • purchasing digital recording of that song from artist(you will be given this info after you have subscribe)
  • loose, comfortable shorts, pants, skirt
  • a tight top which will allow you to see your upper body more

This is list is all, really. Now, it is true that the more bling you wear, the more sassy you feel and the better you will dance. Besides selecting accessories that make you feel great, we would recommend the following:

  • a beaded or coin hip scarf

When a new choreography is learned, we will give you basic and recommended requirements.