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Linda M Hughes doing the ball leg curlWe offer live 2 way online classes that provide full body workouts for those with no previous fitness training.  In these live 2 way classes, Linda M Hughes will be in her studio working through the internet with you in your workout space. As of May, 2020 there are 2 types of workout classes offered throughout the day and week. Strength, Flexibility and Power - this class is for adults that range from beginner to advanced fitness conditioning.  Although offered as a group, your specific training will be customized to fit your level of fitness. Chair Full Body Workout - this class is for adults confined to a chair, that want to improve their physical fitness. Private Classes are available at a different rate. Please visit this page for details. Because you will be taking these classes at your home/office, we are going to use a combination of dynamic stretching, bodyweight and plyometric exercises. This means that you don't have to run out and buy any equipment before you start.  When and if you can purchase your own set of bands and/or dumbbells, this will assist your strength gains. Always be ready to take these exercises outside to your yard, an empty field, to a park, beach or the mountains.  Anything done outside is more fun.
Current Enrolled In An Adventure? Looking To Improve Your Competitive Edge: Linda M Hughes doing curlsEach adventure offered by Your Exercise Adventures(YEA) will have their own training programs, to include breaking down, practicing adventure specific steps, combinations and movement patterns to compete or perform successfully in that adventure.   If you need to bump up your competitive or performance edge, join classes offered on this site to increase your strength, flexibility and power.   NOTE: If you are already signed up for a specific adventure(currently Scottish Highland Games, Celtic Bellydancing and Sword Art, you will be given access to 3 of the Strength, Power & Flexibility group classes for no additional charge.   These are NOT "drop-in" classes and you will be considered one of the 3 participants in that class. If you are not interested in regular attendance, then we advise you to sign up for a private session if available. Thanks for honoring the spriti of the group class.

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Classes offered on this site are group classes of no more than 3 people, available times/days will be listed on the calendar. If your preferred time slot is not available this means that there is already a 3 person filled class or private session in progress. Look for 2nd and/or 3rd preferences and also contact us to be added to the wait list for your 1st choice. When picking an available time, you may be the only one in that class until the other 2 join you. There will be no additional charge for this private training, but there will also be no deduction to your monthly fee when the other 2 do join in.

Your montly membership allows you to select 3 different class times/week, as YEA training programs are built around 3 day splits. This means that you will get a different routine 3 times/week which will focuses on different muscle groups and goals. If you choose to only workout 1 or 2 times/week, there is no deduction from your monthly fee.

Refund Policy:
Please note: You can attend up to 3 live online group exercise classes/week, or cancel your subscription to Your Exercise Adventures(YEA) at any time, but, there are NO refunds for the monthly YEA Membership.