Single Private Session With Linda M Hughes At Your Exercise Adventures (YEA): Now Available At Your Exercise Adventures(YEA) Private Online SessionsIn addition to group sessions, we also offer live 2 way online private fitness training. or private adventure training sessions. In these live 2 way classes, Linda will be in her studio working through the internet with you in your workout space. 1 hour session= $40.00 paid in advance with form on this page.  After payment you will be re-directed to details and webcam for this session

  1. To get the most out of your private hour of training, review what you will need to have available and ready for this class(technology, location, gear)
  2. Before making this purchase, please select an available time from the class schedule. If you do not see your preferred time, please contact us to be put on a wait list, or consider taking a group class
  3. Cancellation Policy: When you pick a specific time, you own that time for this one session. If you need to reschedule, please contact us by the contact form, text or email 12 hrs before the scheduled class. In this case, there are NO guarantees that this particular time slot will be available and you may have to either wait, or select a different time slot. Failure to notify us 12 hrs in advance may result in forfeiting your payment for this scheduled class.
    • Text only, no call: 720-300-5999
    • Email:
    • Contact page on this website

If you are on this page, you are wanting to purchase 1 private session.  Click on the links below if you are interested in purchasing:

  1. 3 sessions - for a total of $105.00 or $35.00/session
  2. 6 sessions at a time - for a total of $180.00 or $30.00/session
  3. If you ended up here by mistake and want to purchase a montly subscription to any of our group classes, please click here.

Example Of Practice Area

example of an outdoor practice area

All fitness and adventure technique private sessions can be done in or outside.

If doing your session inside:

These classes require a minimum space of 10'x10' to learn/practice steps, phrases, footwork and drills. The most important thing for a successful session is to give yourself enough space so that we can see your entire body from head to foot.  This will allow us to show you a move and then watch you execute it.  Many clients practice in their basements, bedrooms, work gyms, break rooms and empty areas around the work place. 

If doing your session outside, consider using your back yards, patios, decks or driveways.

For Scottish Highland Game and Sword Art throwing, you will need to practice throwing outside in a larger space. Many athletes will practice in unmaintained open spaces or bike trailheads, empty dirt lots or big back yards. Where ever you practice, make sure that you get permission and that you always stay aware of the other people who may be in the area. Do not throw towards people, sidewalks or streets. Also, YEA has adopted the slogan "leave no trace" after throwing in any space.

You will be taking full responsibility for securing/taking caro of this location, your conduct and the safety of others when throwing at this location.

Throwing actual implements or swords in the Scottish Highland Games and Sword Art Adventures must be done outside.

Tehnology Required For YEA ClassesTechnology:
Internet connection is required. This is not supplied to athletes by YEA.

Currently, all YEA athletes take the classes through their smartphones, tablets or through laptops. Plan on having a secure method to support your device - tripod, tabletop, etc.- to allow you to step away to try the movements being taught.

At the present time we are using the 3rd party video conferencing software:
You will be able to sign up for a free account with them and then log right into the webcam of your class.

Other things to consider having available for these sessions:

  • charger & power chord
  • a camp chair
  • an unbrella
  • water
  • snacks

As your private training session may be for physical fitness training or for private adventure training, we will need you to be responsible for having the appropriate gear on hand. If you are needing more personalized physical fitness training, we encourange you to view and have available items recommended on the "gear" tab on the Stength, Flexibility, Power page.

If you are wanting a more personalized adventure training, please review and have available the items recommended for that specific adventure. You can find a list of all adventures at this page.

After payment has been received, we will contact you to discuss all of these details.

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