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Your Exercise Adventures Total Body Exercise Class As Seen On TabletTotal Body Exercise Classes At Your Exercise Adventures (YEA):

We offer live 2 way online classes that provide total body workouts for those with and those with no previous fitness training.  In these live 2 way classes, Linda M Hughes will be in her studio working through the internet with you in your workout space.

Two weekly workout classes are offered each week to build strength, flexibility and power.

Strength, Flexibility and Power - this class is for adults that range from beginner to advanced fitness conditioning.  Although offered as a group, your specific training will be customized to fit your level of fitness.

General Group Class Notes:

Linda M Hughes doing medicine ball situps on the decline benchGroup Classes offered on this site are for no more than 6 people, on listed times/days.  Contact us to check availability before signing up.

None of these listed classes are "drop-in" classes and if accepted, you will be considered one of the 6 participants in that class. Thanks in advance for honoring the spriit of the group session.

You may be the only one in that session until the other 5 join you.  There will be no additional charge for this private training, but there will also be no deduction to your monthly fee when the other 5 do join in.

Strength, Flexibility And Power Sessions

Linda M Hughes doing v situp holdsSessions are offered online Monday and Wednesday from 12-1:00 pm(MT). If you choose to only participate 1 of the 2 times/week, there is no deduction from your monthly fee.

Example Of Practice AreaLocation:

These classes require a minimum of 8'x8'space and exercises can be done inside or outside. Many people practice in their basements, bedrooms, back yards, patios, decks or driveways, work gyms, areas around their work place. The image to the right is of one of my favorite places to work out, dance, do sword art or throw the games. I have spent many summer and fall days here, sun up to sun down. Try working out in the great outdoors, it is very satisfying.

Technology Required For YEA Classes

Technology: Internet connection is required. This is not supplied to athlete/performers by YEA.

Currently, all YEA members take the classes through their smartphones, tablets or through laptops. Plan on having a secure method to support your device - tripod, tabletop, etc.- to allow you to step away to try the movements being taught. At the present time we are using the 3rd party video conferencing software:

You will be able to sign up for a free account with them and then log right into the webcam of your class.

Other things to consider having available for indoor/outdoor sessions:

  • charger & power chord
  • a camp chair
  • an unbrella
  • water
  • snacks

Kettlebells and dumbbellsBecause you will be taking these classes at your home/office, we are going to use a combination of dynamic stretching, bodyweight and plyometric exercises.  

This means that you don't have to run out and buy any equipment before you start. When and if you can purchase your own set of either bands, dumbbells, or kettlebells, this will assist your strength gains.  

Canned food items can double as hand weights Due to Covid-19, weights of any kind are in short supply or very expensive. When you get the to point in your training that you want to add weights, there are all kinds of creative ways to do so.  

Examples: one exercise class member is currently using canned food items in her pantry as weights.

56# WOB/WFD Combo Implement At Weigh InAnother Example: For those of you that are also highland games athletes, your implements are weights. Challenging to use them as designed, all of your implements can be turned into a lifting weight. Pushing and pulling on a 20# stone or a 56# WOB/WFD weight or using a caber as a landmine will give you all kinds of new challenges.  

With a little bit of imagination and the determination to progress, you will be able to do anything. Don't let any excuses get in your way.  

Implements and equipment of the Scottish Highland GamesAlways be ready to take these exercises outside to your yard, an empty field, to a park, beach or the mountains.

Anything done outside is more fun.

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